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Laptop Accessories Price in Bangladesh

The Functionality

A laptop carries identical functionality of desktop with some limitation due to design restriction on power, size, and cooling of laptops. Usually this minimization happens because of the portability of the device but this gap is reducing currently. The accessories that supports a laptop externally to enhance its core performance or usability.

Any Type of Accessories You Need

Depending on the necessity Hossain Electronics has different types of accessories such as keyboard, display, adapter, battery, DVD writer and backpack to assist the core requirements. On the other hand, hdd caddy, cooler, laptop desk and laptop locker are some unique but important devices that can provide advantages to a laptop user. Our world-class service centers and shops have a rich computer accessories list to satisfy the demand.

Accessories List page shows you prices for the latest Accessories available in Bangladesh  product exchange, extended warranty, and assured buyback. Find the lowest prices in Bangladesh
Key FeaturesModel: Ri04 A-Grade Battery Type: Li-ion Capacity: 2600Mah Cells: 4-cell Voltage: 14.8V ..
1,600৳ 1,800৳
Ex Tax:1,600৳
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