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Processor Price in Bangladesh 2021

The processor often known as a central processing unit or CPU is an electronic circuit that carries out the instructions of a computer program with the help of basic arithmetic, logic, controlling, and input/output (I/O) operations for a specific command. In case of performing any operation, it fetches information from an external data source, usually memory or some other data stream.
Processor clock frequency

The processing power of a processor depends on its clock frequency. The processor is like a door called a clock. Clock frequency is the amount of clock speed of a through which all the signals of 0 and 1 come and go. The door of this clock will open and close as many times as 0 and 1 will come and go. The faster the door opens and closes, the faster the instruction process.


The processing power of a processor is calculated as a fraction of a millionth of a second. Simply put, 1 GHz of a means it takes 1 billionths of a second to complete a calculation. In other words, the clock gate is opened and closed 1 billion times in 1 second.


Nowadays, in order to increase the performance of modern computer processors, multiple processors are placed in the CPU chip in the so that the instruction execution capacity of the computer is increased and the execution time is also reduced. Quick results can be published in a very short time. Which is allows all cores in a CPU chip to work simultaneously.

Cache memory:

Processor cache memory is an important factor associated with processor performance. When the CPU is working with the same type of data over and over again, it temporarily stores that data in its cache memory to facilitate the work.


In Bangladesh, there are two popular companies for computer processor – Intel and AMD. Though AMD has some running series, Intel is more popular.