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Motherboard Price in Bangladesh 2022

A motherboard or mainboard is a printed circuit board of microcomputer or PC that allows communication between other electronic components such as processor, memory, graphics card and important peripherals. This Integral component of a computer also contains some vital sub-systems such as input/output and memory controllers, interface connectors, and other components integrated for applications.

The chipset is a silicon backbone integrated into the motherboard that works with specific CPU generations. It relays communications between the CPU and the many connected storage and expansion devices.

Form Factor:
Your motherboard’s form factor determines the size of the case you need, the number of expansion slots you’ll have to work with, and many facets of the motherboard’s layout and cooling. In general, larger form factors give builders more DIMM, full-size PCIe, and M.2 slots to work with.

Brand Like Asrock Unleash the Gaming:
Presently these boards are specially designed with special enhanced characteristics to support memory with latest bus speed and high-powered graphics for gaming. Considering the types, all the reputed brands such as Asrock, Gigabyte, Asus are producing boards that supports high end AMD Ryzen & Intel’s i5, i7 & i9 processors. The functionality of a mainboard now extends to complicated heat management for providing unstoppable performance.