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Graphics Card Price in Bangladesh 2021

Video Card or more commonly known as the graphics card is an expansion card that helps to get the clearest graphics output from your desktop PC. These expansion cards help in gaming, content writing and allow to get normal visual output for processors that do not provide graphical processing capability. These expansion cards are one of the necessary components for a desktop PC when it comes to providing the utmost performance for heavy work.

Integrated graphics cards are built-in with the central processing unit (CPU) or processor of your computer. These types of graphics can be integrated in both Intel and AMD processors. Intel UHD Graphics, Intel Iris Xe Graphics, Intel HD Graphics, AMD Vega 8 Graphics, AMD Vega 11 Graphics, etc. are examples of Integrated graphics that come with Intel and AMD processors. Integrated graphics don’t have their memory and processing unit, rather they use the system CPU and RAM.

Type of Graphics Card:
Two popular brands make chipsets for graphics cards. These two companies are Nvidia and AMD. Nvidia’s popular graphics chipset series for gamers and regular use is GeForce and for the professional content creators Quadro. AMD’s popular gaming series is Radeon. For professional content creators, they make Radeon Pro series chipsets. The card manufacturers make their products with these chipsets from these companies.