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CPU Cooler Price in Bangladesh 2021

A CPU cooler is a very important part of the PC. It keeps the CPU or computer processor cool. You don’t want your processor to get hot, choose the right cooler for your processor.
Inside a desktop casing, usually integrated circuits such as CPU & GPU are the main generators of heat. There are many ways to reduce this heat of CPU, but an effective way is to using quality CPU heatsink fan, CPU cooler or a PC liquid cooler. This cooling or liquid cooling system is essential to remove waste heat produced by different components such as processor to keep them within a permissible limit of operating temperature for overclocking.

Keeping a CPU Cool:
CPUs require a lot of power for their functionality, and this power converts to heat after use. Sometimes CPUs generate excessive heat, and the heat can be hazardous to the CPUs themselves. CPU fans and heatsinks help counter this effect, but a liquid CPU cooler can keep CPU temperatures down because water is more efficient at transferring heat than air. Liquid cooling also makes a computer quieter, as the fans don’t have to run at high RPMs.

Branded CPU Coolers for Optimum Performance:
High quality CPU cooler is designed to reduce the ambient temperature of the processor by exhausting heat and save the CPU being damaged and keep it at its optimum level of workability. Ensuring this, HEC introduces a huge variety of water & RGB liquid cooler of the World class Gigabyte, Cryorig & Gamdias brands. Cooler Master Master Liquid ML360R, Corsair Hydro Series H100X, Gamdias CHIONE M2-240R, Noctua NH-D9L and Gamdias CHIONE E2-120R are the best cooler and liquid cooler models available at the best price From HEC.