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Microphone Price in Bangladesh

A microphone is a device that takes sound and converts it to electrical energy, so it can be manipulated afterward. You can then amplify, record, transmit or apply different effects to it. It is also called mic or mike for convenience. Conventionally microphones were used in music recording and amplifying sound during concerts and for radio recording. But as technology evolved, so did its usage. Now you can see mic being used everywhere, from home to work to institutes. It is used in auditoriums, conferences, public events, home, office, etc. YouTubers, vloggers, journalists, entertainment industry, all need a good microphone. You can’t make an online call without it, you can’t run customer services without good microphones, you need a mic in almost every other thing when you come to think of it.

Whether you are a discerning studio artist or a person who performs on stage, there are microphones available for every requirement. Find a great variety of microphones online from different brands. Microphones are nothing but devices that converts the sound in the air into electrical signals. These are used in a various places such as on stage performances- be it music or compering and also in studio recordings.