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Keyboard Price in Bangladesh

Keyboard is a common input device for computers. The standard layout of letters in a keyboard is the same across the world. Keyboards come with different prices.
There are a variety of keyboards available to use with different budget segments. Multimedia are best for normal day-to-day personal or office use. Multimedia are available with both wired and wireless features. These have features focused on multimedia wireless utilize wireless connectivity options and rely on batteries for power. USB keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard, magic keyboard from Apple, and dongle keyboards are examples of this type. Gaming Keyboards are mainly featured with Mechanical keys. Mechanical  are best for the key typing experience and comfort. Pc Gamers are the main users of Mechanical  because mechanical keys, RGB lighting, and build quality together create an environment of comfortable gaming.

Some of the most important types of keyboards currently available in the market are:

1. Membrane: It is basically a light  that produces very little noise while typing which is basically a combination of plastic and bar. It is widely used in laptops.

2. Mechanical : Mechanical keyboard was available since 2014. You can hold it in one direction as opposed to the membrane  and that is that when you press on its keys, it bounces in a very strong way so that you get a feeling in your hands and ears. Basically, mechanical  is useful for writers, journalist, bloggers, or gamers.

3. Laser : It is basically produces a keyboard after the laser beam comes from any device to any plane surface which basically works through light sensors. However, it is not only effective for amateur users but does not work well for regular or professional users.