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Xtreme Speaker

Buy Xtreme Speakers at the Most Affordable Price in Bangladesh

Introduce Xtreme Speaker as affordable and sturdy Chinese manufactured branded speakers available in the Asia Pacific region with premium sound quality.

Highlight the most popular Xtreme speaker series available in Bangladesh, including the Xtreme E100, E200, E800, E70BT, E600BU, and more.

Mention the different types of Xtreme speakers available, such as wired, wireless, soundbar, and party speakers, and their connectivity options.

Emphasize that all types of Xtreme speakers deliver robust and premium sound quality at a fraction of the cost of other speakers in the market.

Encourage readers to buy Xtreme speakers from Hossain Electronics, a trusted retailer in Bangladesh.

Key FeaturesModel: CHILL Output power: 35W + 10Wx2 (55 RMS) Drive Units: Sat: 3" x 2 + Sub: 5.25" Separation: >40dB Power Supply: ~230V 50Hz ..
4,800৳ 5,200৳
Ex Tax:4,800৳
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