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Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile Phone Accessories Price in BD

Mobile phone accessories 

are optional pieces of hardware for your smartphone or feature phone that enhance its functionality, durability, and overall experience. While most mobile phone accessories open the chance for a more hands-free, personalized experience, many also provide an extra layer of protection for the phone. Hossain Electronics brings you the most feature-rich, premium mobile phone accessories at the lowest price in Bangladesh to adorn your cellphone. Hossain Electronics mobile shop has the widest array of high-quality, stylish smartphone cases, fast chargers, data cables, power banks, selfie sticks, smart watches, ring studio lights, and earbuds for iPhone and Android smartphones. If you are shopping for Apple accessories in Bangladesh, Hossain Electronics is the ideal place to go.

Advantages of Using Mobile Phone Accessories

Using accessories with your mobile phone adds two salient benefits - functionality and safety. For example, using a fast charger potentially changes how often you interact with your phone. With a fast wireless charging station, you start enjoying more freedom from your smartphone. On the safety side - mobile phone accessories like cases and covers ensure your mobile does not easily break or get scratched. With a screen protector, the sensitivity of your touchscreen panel remains optimum for years down the road. So, protective mobile phone accessories, in effect, increase the phone’s longevity. The next value an accessory gives, perhaps the most praised one - is a touch of personality. Starting from material to color, a phone case can completely change the look and feel of a handset.

Types of Mobile Accessories

Over the years - we have seen a tremendous leap in mobile phone accessories types. And surprisingly, many of these are prevailing from the era of feature phones, like protective cases and earphones. But, with advancements in technology - they’ve also seen immense development. Let’s talk about some of the most popular mobile phone accessories that almost everyone uses.

Hossain Electronics mobile shop brings some of the most premium and durable screen protectors to use with smartphones. TPU and PET screen protectors at our shop will keep your smartphone display free from scratches, and tempered glass screen protectors at Hossain Electronics absorb any external force for the ultimate protection. These screen protectors are ideal for Apple iPhones and Android smartphones. From our vast smartphone accessories collection, find the right screen protector for your mobile phone.

Audio Accessories for Mobile Phone

Hossain Electronics mobile shop is your place if you are searching for the ultimate audio experience on your phone. Earphones, earbuds, or neckbands - whichever is your choice, we have it at Hec. Perhaps, you are an audiophile and not so discreet. For audio enthusiasts - we have over-the-ear headphones to immerse you in bass-boosted, groovy music. Apple’s Air Pod Pro is available at our accessories shop from generations 1 to 3. Plus, we have some of the best-in-class Bluetooth speakers to pair with your new smartphone and have a portable audio solution anywhere.

Phone Chargers, Data Cables & Power Banks

Power Banks: To keep your workflow running while on the move, power banks are a minty solution. Starting from 1000 mAh, our power bank collection goes beyond 30,000 mAh for days of charging your mobile phone, laptop, earbuds, or other smart and portable devices. Enjoy fast charging on these premium quality high ampere power banks with USB Type-C interfaces.

Wireless Chargers: These are a new form of charging solution with far more convenience than wired charging devices. Charge your Android smartphone or iPhone or wireless earbuds on our premium, slim, and sleek wireless charger docks, and stations. Apple Mag Safe Chargers are available at Hossain Electronics at the most captivating prices. Wireless chargers at our smartphone accessories shop provide fast charging to boost your productivity in minutes.

Mobile Phone Cables & Converters: Our mobile phone cables and converter section are well decorated with products rated for fast charging. Find Apple accessories, lightning cables for iPhones, USB Type-C cables, data cables, lightning to Type-C converters, OTG Converters, AUX 3.5 mm converters, and many more to turn your mobile phone into a streaming station. We have GaN fast chargers in our smartphone accessories collection from brands like Baseus, UGREEN, WiWU, ACEFAST, Anker, Joyroom, PROLiNK, Belkin, Samsung, and many more renowned brands.

Phone Accessories for Cars and Others

Hossain Electronics is also a house for some of the coolest car accessories to power and stylize your use of phone, tablet, laptop, and other portable devices. We have some of the best vehicle dashboard accessories, dash cams, mounts, and holders for your phone to place while you drive. So, avail yourself the most of your smart devices while you are in a remote area along with your drive, and never worry about running out of charge.


  • Key Features

    ·         Model Name: EU US UK AU Plug Universal Travel Power Charger Sockets

    ·         Dual USB A All In One Charger Adapter: International Plug Adapter

    ·         Universal Travel Adapter All in One: Dual USB A Output

    ·         Wall Electric Plug Sockets With USB A Port: Travel Charger Organizer

    ·         Portable Charger Adapter: For Travel/Home/Office

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